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My total word count for the day, writing for an hour this morning before I could be trusted to be coherent and for probably 45 minutes at lunch, is 940. That is a total I can live with. I was feeling a little down on myself for…

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New thing follow-up

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This morning’s experiment in getting up earlier to write might have been made better by -Going to bed a bit earlier. I was up until 11 reading Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead, and basically had to force myself to PUT IT DOWN. -Maybe not…

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Getting cozy

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Lunch break. Not really that cozy. I’m at Cosí, but it’s cold outside and, on the way over, I realized that I didn’t actually feel that well. Tired, head sorta heavy, basically blah-ish. Probably just tired. It had better not be another Major U-provided case of The…

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Barbaric yAWP

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Survived SNOWPOCALYPSE by, basically, staying inside as much as possible. Ursa did not get a walk one morning. We paid our neighbor $20 to do the walk up to our front door (he has a snowblower, and we don’t.) My flight was canceled and rebooked automatically for…

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