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Mary Anne said she was having trouble seeing my blog this morning and I felt bad there was nothing new to see if she could see it. Guilt post. All I’m doing is working. Working at Major U and then working on the book at home. I…

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Maybe a little cranky

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Writers, go read this, and then come back. I’ll wait. La la la…The girl from Ipanema…You didn’t go read it, yet, did you? Do it. OK, you’re a writer, you’ve read the post over at Victoria Mixon’s blog and now you’re back. What do you think? I’m…

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Story about me and GH

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Speaking of good ol’ Roosevelt, I’m in the next alumni magazine in a story about my program, but they published the part about me as a news story here. It’s mildly horrifying to read words you’ve said quoted back at you. Yep, that’s what I said, but…

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So last Tuesday morning, I started feeling a little punky. Punky being the word my mom used to use (and probably still would, if I called her) for being sick. Sore throat, headache. SIX DAYS LATER, I’m still sick. I have nearly lost my mind. No, really….

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