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So last Tuesday morning, I started feeling a little punky. Punky being the word my mom used to use (and probably still would, if I called her) for being sick. Sore throat, headache. SIX DAYS LATER, I’m still sick. I have nearly lost my mind. No, really….

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Tick tock

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Today, 1516 words at the Eli’s Cheesecake World Cafe with Mary Anne. The cafe people are very gracious, and the president came out and thanked Mary Anne for talking up their sugar-free cheesecake on her blog. I didn’t do a thing, but got free lunch anyway. Would…

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I’m back home and not a moment too soon. Too long away from my own stuff, and I can get a little punchy. Had a surprisingly fruitful trip back to (I’m going to name names in this post) Muncie, Indiana. See previous post about re: going home…

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First readers

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Been a big puppy day around these parts. I took Ursa to the dog park so she could foam at the mouth (she really does this) and run off lots of punk, and then we stopped by Mary Anne’s condo to play some more with Ellie. My…

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Writing time!

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As in: I need to block out some Writing Time! The problem with having so much unstructured time right now is that I end up using all my time on things like laundry, household errands, etc. I know. Cry for me. Poor me and all my unstructured…

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