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I have but three words for you. The. Wilder. Life. Bought Wendy McClure’s new book for the nook. Here it is, all pretty and electronic. There’s a bonnet, with strings flying in the wind. It is, you see, about Wendy’s love for Laura Ingalls Wilder. A love…

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You Arrive at Plan B

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“You Arrive at Plan B” was the first place winner of the Dallas International Book Fair short story contest in 2008, originally published in Al Amanecer (“At Dawn”), a literary journal that defies Google. Thanks to Miriam and the Dallas Public Library for running the contest, and…

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What You Don’t Know

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Ahoy! Another short story by yours truly. Originally published by After Hours, a nice little magazine you should check out, buy an issue of, and submit to. Run by Roosevelt University alumni! Copyright, etc., etc. Lori Rader Day. What You Don’t Know So here we are. There’s…

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