Liss Kehoe will stop at nothing to protect her son when the discovery of a submerged car stirs up buried secrets and a small town’s vengeance.

Death at Greenway book cover

Bridget Kelly arrives at the beloved holiday home of Agatha Christie to make a safe haven for Blitz-evacuated children—but murder is not confined to war, or books.

The Lucky One Book Cover

When online sleuth Alice Fine gets a lead on the man who kidnapped her as a child, her search for justice might cost her everything.

Under a Dark Sky Book Cover

Eden Wallace keeps a reservation her husband made before his death, only to find herself in the company of a killer.

The Day I Died Book Cover

Handwriting expert Anna Winger’s carefully revised life unravels when a kidnapping case strikes close to home.

Little Pretty Things Book Cover

Motel cleaner Juliet Townsend checks in her former high school best friend and rival—and becomes a suspect in her murder.

The Black Hour Book Cover

Campus shooting survivor Professor Amelia Emmet faces the court of public opinion — and the truth of her attack.