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Death at Greenway

• A slide show with research images for Death at Greenway! (pdf download 7MB )DAG presentation

Book club questions for Death at Greenway!

• I detailed the researching and writing of Death at Greenway in my newsletter. Sign up here! Arriving late? No worries: You can catch up here!

• Here’s a list of research and inspirations for this book. Treat yourself to a few!

• Here’s a Spotify playlist of songs I listened to while writing Death at Greenway—some of them unexpected.

• I made a Pinterest board for this book, and collected all sorts of fun images for historical reference and my own real love of all things English Breakfast tea…

• Speaking of tea. Shane Mullen from Left Bank Books concocted a Death at Greenway-themed cocktail called Foxes in the Privet. Want to make it?

• Libraries played a role in the research of this book. Take a look…

The Backlist…

NEW: Book Club Questions for The Lucky One

Propose NamUs legislation in your state! Letter template here!

The Day I Died Book Club Kit

(900kb .zip file)

Black Hour cover web
The Black Hour Book Club Kit

(800kb .zip file)