If you missed one of the newsletters detailing how I researched and wrote Death at Greenway, never fear…

Newsletter #1 starts with where the idea for Death at Greenway came from and takes you on my first visit to Greenway, where I met Doreen!

Newsletter #2 takes us from seeing Doreen’s face to beginning my research program with books and genealogy records.

Newsletter #3 digs into who the real people at Greenway would have been: the butler, the cook, and the children’s chaperones—whoops, wrong Arbuthnots. But that mistake pays off for me.

Newsletter #4 talks about the fascinating reveals—and lies!—that came from digging into dusty paper archives.

Newsletter #5 is for LAUNCH DAY!! And I talk about staying at Greenway to research the book! Lots of yummy pictures… Buy the book today!

Newsletter #6 is a post launch WHEW catch up with some lovely tidbits about the holidays at Greenway and with Agatha Christie!

Newsletter #7 is a celebration of tea for National Tea Month (in the UK)!

Newsletter #8 has some good news for Death at Greenway, and lots of photos. That’s what I like in a newsletter, don’t you?