Book Club Questions for The Lucky One by Lori Rader-Day

Thank  you for reading The Lucky One!


How would you have reacted to finding a face you recognized on a site like the Doe Pages?

At the beginning of the book, Alice Fine considers herself “the lucky one,” the who got away clean from a kidnapping and whose father saved her and protects her, even if a little too much, now that’s an adult. Later, she pities Merrily Cruz for her pathetic attachment to an almost-step dad. Where are the ironies here? Who is the lucky one?

Both protagonists of The Lucky One have online communities. How are their interactions within these communities similar, and not?

Alice’s spells always seemed to her like a black bird flying into her face. After finishing the book, how would you characterize these episodes?

What does the skyscraper at 1799 South Michigan represent to Alice Fine? Why does she cling to it? By the end of the book, the building means something else—how is it part of a hopeful future?