School’s in this summer

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I’m teaching at two writing workshops this summer, in case you’re seeking some instruction…   In June I’ll be teaching at the Yale Summer Writers’ Workshop. Info here. I’ll be the mystery instructor, and our workshops will focus on mystery and crime fiction. In July I’ll be…

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Worth noting that I’m actively revising The Black Hour now. Had a writing date with my friend Yvonne and she was interested in reading some pages. Next thing I know, she’s my beta reader and is one-third through the book and full of encouragement. The fact that…

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Making plans

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I feel so grown up. I just submitted a proposal for a panel at next year’s AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs, I know there’s a W missing) conference. This is something that adults do. It’s not like I have Peter Pan syndrome. I have impostor…

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In the course of an hour at work today, two people mentioned things to me about my writing and writing instruction. Yes. I write things other than what Major U pays me to. And if that was a secret, I wouldn’t be writing it here, under my…

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Where was I?

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Busy. I was busy leading up to our vacation, and then crazy busy when I got back to work last week. People! I was only gone five working days! But school is about to start at Major U (the quarter system means they’re calendar is all effed…

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