Indiana road trip

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This week is Indiana launch week, with an event in my hometown at the library where I went as a kid. (They put my name on the marquee—who does not love this?) Then I have an event in Indianapolis at IndyReads, a marvelous store on Mass Ave….

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The Black Hour is here…

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That sounds so ominous. It’s not like “the end is nigh” or anything. I just mean— HOLY SHIT MY BOOK IS OUT. Ahem. Sorry. Let me wipe my spit off you. It’s just…I’ve wanted to be an author since I was six years old and figured out…

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T minus one week

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Well, the media blitz has begun. I might be tired of myself already. Hope not *everyone* is. Two great pieces went out today to help get the word out about The Black Hour ahead of its release date a week…from…gulp…today. Many thanks to the International Thriller Writers…

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Eleven days to go

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I’m strangely calm. I should be terrified or worried or harried or something, right? I should be pitching a fit, with tears, over something small and insignificant. I’m actually more worried about how I’m going to get my house clean for the visitors I’ll have for my…

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