Under a Dark Sky is an Anthony nominee!

I was updating some events on this site, getting organized all back-to-school style when I realized I had never posted about Under a Dark Sky being an Anthony Award nominee. WHAT? A chance to brag, missed?

Well, it is. Under a Dark Sky is a nominee for the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original, along with some great books by friends James Ziskin, Kellye Garrett, Alison Gaylin, and Naomi Hirahara. Full list of nominations are here—a great list of reads.

I can’t believe I missed this post, because the Anthony means a lot to me. Oh! Here’s a chance to show you how happy I was to win the Anthony in 2015 for The Black Hour! Photo by Kristopher Zgorski of BOLOBooks!

Photo by Kristopher Zgorski

I don’t even look like a girl who has her sprained ankle wrapped and stuffed into a Chuck Taylor Converse, do I?

Anyway, I look forward to Bouchercon in Dallas, Texas, in October for so many reasons—wait. October is now technically “next month”? <insert primal scream because book deadline I have to go now>

By Published On: September 3, 2019Categories: Awards, Under a Dark Sky