Broken arm blahs

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So I broke my arm. Posting may be a little light as I figure out how to write AFK (away from keyboard) or faster, using one hand (two fingers, actually). I’m inviting some friends to do guest posts, though—what I’ll call my Broken Arm Series. Look for…

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How to get the writing done

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Just finished the book Daily Rituals by Mason Currey and found lots of great quotes about how artists get work done. Currey ends his book with this one—probably because it calls the rest of the book “drivel”—but it might be my favorite.   “There’s no one way—there’s…

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I had to add a Captcha to this site to fight off the bots. All the time I wanted to spend writing a post went to cleaning out the spam. Don’t have that much patience. Sorry about the Captcha. I hate them too. But I did also…

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