Stuff and things

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Today it was finally above freezing for a while, and it was like Tahiti, in comparison to the last few weeks. So lame. Give me spring, please. Forgive the radio silence. Was sick Sunday/Monday, actually had to take a day off to recoup. Spent it on the…

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What I’ve been up to

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I have read two books already this year, so let’s get that going.1. (How exciting to type 1. again!) A Rule Against Murder– Louise Penny2. The Brutal Telling– Louise Penny Yes, I’m still obsessed with these cozy murder mysteries. Just like when I was reading through the…

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Where was I?

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Busy. I was busy leading up to our vacation, and then crazy busy when I got back to work last week. People! I was only gone five working days! But school is about to start at Major U (the quarter system means they’re calendar is all effed…

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Sick but not of books

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I managed to catch some germs in the petrie dish I work in. (Look, people of Major U, you can deny it, but I never leave the house otherwise, so I blame you.) Went to work this morning, only to leave by 11:15 a.m. It was useless…

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I stopped reading a book this weekend after about 40 pages because one character—a lawyer in 1860s New York—said to an 11-year-old child who works to support his sick mother—ALSO in 1860s New York, presumably—”Remember, be discreet.” The kid nodded. And I closed the book. Maybe kids…

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