Woah, what happened to the week?

Work, I think. I think I did a bunch of that. Wrote some, but not nearly enough. Am going to the Book Cellar today to write with friends. I hope some writing does get done, and not just some giggling. Otherwise, my students are going to be rather mad at me for not keeping up.

Of course when one of my students wrote ELEVEN THOUSAND WORDS in one week—yeah, I’m not keeping up.

Have done some reading, and I have complaints.

47. Hunger Games– Suzanne Collins
I suppose this was a good read. I didn’t read it as quickly as I should; I think momentum would have helped. I just kept wondering: When was the last time I read something that was artfully written, and not just…written? Also, this book ends with a major thread still loose, almost so loose as to think the book was unfinished. I guess you have to talk people into the sequel somehow, right? I might read the other two, but I could live without them.

48. A Duty to the Dead– Charles Todd
I like these atmospheric, historical mysteries. They are like candy, a real treat.

49. The Dead Lie Down– Sophie Hannah
I really wish these books were numbered or something. This one seems to be part of a series—a series I WOULD READ BY THE WAY— but with the US and UK title confusion and the not-labeling-them-as-series-books thing, it’s hard to read the books in order. I’m a little OCD about this, but also the stories refer to each other and I don’t want a book ruined because I read it out of order.

That’s it. Number 50 has to be a good book or I’m going to flip out. Maybe I already have.

By Published On: October 3, 2010Categories: Reading, Teaching, Writing