Little Pretty bookseller review

Molly, a bookseller at the awesome Book People bookstore in Austin, Texas, wrote up a great review of Little Pretty Things that pings ALL my happy. I would love for you to read the whole thing, but here’s the crush-worthy part, I think:

Little Pretty Things reads rather like a combination of Grosse Pointe Blank and The Loneliness of the Long Distance RunnerOr like a re-write of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion where Romy gets murdered in the first five minutes and Michele forgets all about blue binder guy and spends the whole movie solving Romy’s murder while reexamining every facet of her and Romy’s life. Readers of Megan Abbott, Tana French, Mette Ivie Harrison, and Jamie Mason should get plenty of enjoyment out of Lori Rader-Day’s work, but there’s a limit to any exact comparison – Lori Rader-Day’s got a style and sensibility all her own. But don’t take my word for it – thanks to Seventh Street Books and their affordable paperback releases, you can find out for yourself.


I mean… Grosse Pointe Blank AND Romy and Michele? Did I die? Is this heaven? She also gives me the Bechdel test, and I passed.

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