Happy Launch Day to MEEEEEEE!

Little Pretty Launch Day!!

What I’m doing today:

Talking to radio stations!

Living the Vida Social Media!

Having my picture taken for a Super Secret Thing I’ll Tell You About Later I Promise!

Writing? Maybe?

Having dinner out with my husband!

Feeling incredibly grateful for everyone who helped make this possible…

And being TOTALLY JAZZED to have a second book out!


IF you want a signed copy of Little Pretty Things, here’s how you can make that happen…

If you want a signed copy shipped to you, order your copy from the Book Cellar, asking in the NOTES section for personalization and which name to sign the book to. I’ll be signing there on Thursday, so these copies won’t be delayed much.

If I’m coming to a city near you, buy the book AT the event. Support the booksellers who are supporting me! Plus, I’d love to see you! If I’m at a LIBRARY, you can certainly buy the book from me that day, or you can buy the book from any bookseller ahead of time and bring it to the library to have me sign.

If you bought an e-book, I’ll totally sign your Kindle or Nook. Bring it to an event! Sharpies rule!

If you bought your book some other way and really want a signature, contact me for a signed bookplate. I’m especially happy to send bookplates to book clubs! (I’m also happy to Skype into book club meetings! Contact me!)


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