A few reviews and interviews

Feeling very lucky these days. Here are just a few of the great write-ups The Black Hour has enjoyed already:

An interview with Thriller Books Journal.

A very enthusiastic review from Justin, who I met at BEA in New York. He almost missed his bus reading the book!

A lovely review from the good people at Mystery People. They’re such great supporters of Seventh Street Books.

Terry Ambrose posted this review on Examiner, too, but his site has far less pop-ups.

New City let me run my mouth about my book and everything else. A helpful transcript.

And the sweetest write-up ever by John Carlson at the Muncie Star-Press. I used to live in Muncie and still have very fond memories. I met most of my best friends there, had the first date with my husband there, really got to be an adult for the first time right there in Muncie.

I’m on a Canadian librarian’s “top shelf” for summer. Hellooooo, neighbors to the north!

Keith West passes time with Amelia and likes it.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to write a review, formal, informal, Amazon, Goodreads, anything. They really do help!



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