Indiana road trip

You can too go home again.

You can too go home again.

This week is Indiana launch week, with an event in my hometown at the library where I went as a kid. (They put my name on the marquee—who does not love this?)

Then I have an event in Indianapolis at IndyReads, a marvelous store on Mass Ave. (They submitted my event to NUVO. I mean, I only read NUVO for YEARS. Back when I was trying to be cool. I’ve given up on that effort.)

And then I’ll be up in Muncie for a brief howdy to the good people of the Midwest Writers Workshop. If you’re a writer of any genre looking to level up, the MWW is where you want to be this weekend. If you missed it, hey, they’ll be there next year and so should you.

But the big news this week might be a post I did for Writer’s Digest. Yes, THAT Writer’s Digest. The magazine I’ve been reading pretty much consistently since I was a teenager. Click over to read about getting an agent who loves your book AND for a chance to win a copy of The Black Hour!

That’s all the good news I can handle today. Hope to see some of you soon!

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