The Black Hour is here…

That sounds so ominous. It’s not like “the end is nigh” or anything. I just mean—

Black Hour cover webHOLY SHIT MY BOOK IS OUT.

Ahem. Sorry. Let me wipe my spit off you.

It’s just…I’ve wanted to be an author since I was six years old and figured out that there were these people who made the books I loved. And now I am.

Those two sentences do not begin to encompass the amount of work it took, from wanting to do something to seeing it come to fruition. I don’t want to talk about all the work it was. Today, I just want to enjoy the fact that it’s real.

Today I’m doing some radio interviews and stopping by a couple of bookstores to sign stock (OF MY VERY OWN NOVEL WHAT???!). I’m having lunch with a friend and dinner out with my husband and in between I’m going to try to stay away from things like Amazon rankings.

I just want to have a fun day.

So: no sales pitches. No blatant self-promotion right now. Just…thanks. The Black Hour is a real thing, and all of you reading this probably played some part in supporting that dream. Thanks for asking and for not asking, when it seemed better not to. Thanks for cheering and pre-ordering and saying all the things you’ve said for the last eight years when I said,

I’m writing a book.

Guys, I wrote a book.


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