Less than a month!


I didn’t make this. Someone else out there is also excited about July 8.

Yesterday was June 8, which means today? Today is less than a month away from my book launch day of July 8.

Wow, what a long time 15 months can be. And yet, there are a million things I need to get done with the, gulp, 29 days I have left.

Deep breath.

One piece of good news came today, distracting me from my to-do list:

The Black Hour is listed #3 on the books coming out in July that librarians are excited about! I’m excited, too, librarians. We are one in this.

The Black Hour also made a list of amazing books coming out this summer from Bookish. In case I haven’t mentioned this list before (ha), Stephen King is also on it. Me and Uncle Stevie, hanging out.

So. 29 days. It’s probably been a long stretch for you, too, so thanks for reading now and way back before TBH was even a thing.

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