THE BLACK HOUR gets a little sister!

I mentioned my big news on Facebook and Twitter but kinda forgot to put it here. Oops. Not like I had a fantastic, gorgeous site built just for this kind of news, right?

Oops again.

But here it is: I sold my second novel, a mystery tentatively titled Little Pretty Things to Seventh Street Books! The book will likely be out in July 2015. It’s the story of a woman working below her potential at a roadside motel—and facing down her ten-year high school reunion—when her estranged best friend from school shows up and gets murdered.

Seventh Street is publishing my first novel, The Black Hour, of course. They’ve been so supportive and responsive to all my dumb newbie questions. I feel very well taken care of there, so it’s really exciting to have another book with them.

Thanks to my agent, Sharon Bowers, for sealing the dealio, and to my editor Dan Mayer for keeping my newest project in the Seventh Street Books family. I met some of the SSB authors at a conference this week, and I am SO HAPPY to know all these people.

I’m a lucky gal. I know it.