Leave room in the suitcase for books

Today’s my day on the Debutante Ball, where we’re talking about writing conferences. My post is basically a list of all the places I’m going to be this year.

(I should point out that my husband and VERY LARGE BLACK DOG will be guarding the house while I’m flitting around the country, so don’t get any ideas, marauders.)

The post about going to mystery conferences is timely because last night was Oscar night. Relevant how, you’re asking? Relevant because Oscar night is just like any other industry getting together to have their jollies. For Hollywood types, it’s the awards season. For mystery writer types, it’s the hotel bar at Bouchercon.

And seriously—there’s nothing like hanging out with your tribe comparing notes and telling lies. Maybe we don’t look as glamorous as Lupita or Charlize when we do it, but we get to eat actual food the week prior, so let’s call it even.

As I’m spiraling madly toward the release date of THE BLACK HOUR, things are getting busy. But I’m still looking forward to all my conference plans. Even if I won’t get much writing done. Even if traveling is exhausting. Even if I will never look as good as the worst dressed starlet at the Oscars last night. (I didn’t watch, so I don’t actually have an opinion about this. Honestly, I usually like Ellen’s tuxes and suits better than most of the starlet’s dresses.) And the reason to look forward to conferences isn’t to sell books (you don’t, I hear) or to “make a name” for yourself (who knows how that actually happens). It’s to see your friends and, in our case, talk about where to hide the fictional bodies.

If that sounds like your kind of tribe, I’ll see you out on the mystery conference trail.


By Published On: March 3, 2014Categories: Conferences, Debutante Ball, Writing life