How I write: Do you know the word “ouroboros”?

This week on the Debutante Ball, we’re talking about books we wish we’d written. I had some standard answers. My non-standard answer is probably: the book I’m still writing. I wish I’d already finished it.

What’s interesting, though, is that the time I’ve taken on this book is helping me think of so many ways to make it better. Maybe I was never meant to be the kind of writer who whips out a full draft in a month. Not just that I don’t have that kind of dedicated writing time—I don’t—but that the pace of how I draft helps my draft be more full to begin with.

That’s awfully circular. But true. I think some of the best ideas I’ve had for this draft wouldn’t have happened if I’d been ripping the pages of the (theoretical) typewriter at an ideal pace. I had to stop, fret, think, fret some more. There you go. My process is circular and full of fretting.

Works for me.

February is Finish that Book Month. Feel free to celebrate in any way you find appropriate.

By Published On: February 4, 2014Categories: Little Pretty Things, Writing, Writing life