How to write significant detail and my plans for a meltdown

photo_893_20111224_1Over at the Debutante Ball this week, we’re talking about craft topics.

Not, like, crocheting—which I can totally do, by the way—but writing craft topics. You can click on over to see what the other ladies are talking about, but I liked my post on significant detail enough that I’m reposting the link here.

How to wield significant detail in fiction writing.

I’ve been a little absent here because that promised new site is almost ready to launch. EXCITING TIMES. But I promise after the new site is launched, I will make a concerted effort to keep it fresh. And listen, there are less than six months left before The Black Hour launches. For real. Like: it will be an actual book in actual bookstores and libraries.

I’m not freaked out yet, but I hear the distant rumble of an approaching storm and that storm is me hiding under the covers for about 48 hours.

Things are good. I have no complaints. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I get to do it. I know how lucky that makes me. So I’ll have my little freak out, oh, let’s say sometime this spring, pencil it in, and then I’ll come out from under the covers and get back to work.