51kGXwYI1WL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This week is the launch of my friend Heather Webb‘s debut novel, BECOMING JOSEPHINE—and, to celebrate, I’m giving away a brand new copy of it to one lucky reader here on my site!

Simply post a comment on this blog post before five p.m. (Central) Friday, January 3. I’ll draw a winner ASAP and email the winner for shipping information. I’ll purchase your book from your online store of choice and have it shipped to you (U.S. addresses only, please), or you can select to have your book purchased and waiting for you at your favorite local independent bookstore.

Heather and I are among the 2014 class of The Debutante Ball, and it’s been a blast working on the site with her and the other Debs. We’re all so excited to finally get to launch one of our books. BECOMING JOSEPHINE is the first of our five books to hit the bookshelves. Guess which book is last? Wah-wah. THE BLACK HOUR.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Josephine already, and you’re in for a treat. The Josephine in question, if you don’t already know, is Josephine Bonaparte. If you’re a history buff, you might know how the ending turns out, but I bet you don’t know all the twists and turns her life took before she met a dude named Napoleon. Little guy? Complex? If you like historical fiction, don’t miss this one.

So, happy launch day, Heather, and happy commenting (and reading) to the rest of you!