Carried in my purse a week before I had the time to share it

I found this quote in a magazine and tore out the page.

“I have an image in my head: I’m holding a small bowl
in my two cupped hands and in it are 12 cranberry-sized,
colorful glass beads. Those beads represent the energy
I have for the day, by which I mean not the strength
to walk four miles but the ability to tackle whatever
comes my way. Every time we do anything that expends energy,
we’re giving away beads. If you use three beads to tussle
with your child about what he wears to school, those beads
won’t be available as you go through your work day,
your friend day, your daughter day. Now that I’m older, I recognize
what I have to give. You cannot give away beads to everyone
and not keep even one for yourself.”


I don’t have enough beads right now is all I’m going to say.

By Published On: April 28, 2013Categories: Quotes