Building a mystery community

One good piece of news I’ve been waiting to sort out so I could announce:

I’ve been asked by StoryStudio to curate (that’s the verb owner Jill Pollack and I most enjoy) mystery content for them.

StoryStudio has two locations. Chicago, where I’ve taken a couple of great classes (and where I have referred many, many people), and the new location in Winnetka, which has the sweetest writers room you ever saw (above). This location is also conveniently located ten minutes from my job.

So what does “curate” mean? We have some ideas, Jill and I. Primarily it means that I’m going to be looking for ideas out in the Chicagoland mystery/crime/suspense community for classes to propose, resources to share, and connections to make. I hope to teach some mystery-specific one-night courses over time, but I won’t be keeping all the work to myself. My role, as I think we both see it, is to be a conduit for Jill into the genre and our community.

I’m seriously excited about this. Curator. Conduit. I’m on it.

And the bonus? I get to use that gorgeous writers room.

Anybody writing on the North Shore? Come check out my new home away from home.

By Published On: January 27, 2012Categories: StoryStudio, Writing, Writing life