Don’t sound insane

Last post was…ouch. A while ago.

I’m not superhuman, apparently. All that talk about writing during lunch hours? Well, sometimes that doesn’t work.

Right now I’m going to demonstrate how to write a blog post while cooking dinner AND playing with a stuffed octopus with my foot for the enjoyment of my dog.

Take that, super powers.

I HAVE been working on my book. In fact, my first beta reader has finished the first draft and given me some good feedback I’m working into the second draft. Then: a few more beta readers. Then?

Then I might test out the new query letter I wrote and actually put something out there. Into the world. In the hopes that someone might like it other than me. (And my beta reader. She was gushy on Twitter, which was really really fun.)

Pause for octopus maneuvers.

Which reminds me. I hear myself say things to and about the dog sometimes that makes me think—

I must be insane.

The other day I heard a voice very much like mine saying, “Please don’t lick the bed.”

The dog bed. Must have been a cookie crumb somewhere in the vicinity. But still. I was hoping not to sound incapacitated until far into my sixties.

(Not even close.)

Some of my friends will post things their kids say or things they find themselves saying to their kids, and I suppose this is just my way of throwing my hat in. Pet owners can lose their minds, too.

Actually, don’t lick the bed is good advice for us all.

By Published On: October 8, 2011Categories: Black Hour, Ursa, Writing