Interesting article here. Happens a lot, I think. What’s interesting to me is that I put my first novel in a drawer myself. Was I wrong to do it? Not to give it a chance?

Maybe someday I’ll take it out of the (metaphorical) drawer and see if there’s anything salvageable. For now, though, I’m not as sad about it as I probably should be. I’m working on what’s next, and I’m liking this book much more.

So maybe it’s the having the next thing that’s made this process easy. Or maybe it’s just my own rising standards, over time. Either way, writing this book has been fun. Revising this book has been fun. I like the way my life feels when I’m working on it, and that’s saying something, isn’t it? Whether it sells or not.

By Published On: August 23, 2011Categories: Black Hour, Writing, Writing life