My barbaric (y)AWP

I was asked to guest blog about how I write while holding a full-time job—which is, for my money, the best way to shut down a functioning writing-while-working process.

But I’m over whatever that was—the heat, I swear—and am back at it.

Soon to begin the second draft of The Black Hour. As my friend Tricia would say, stand by.

I’ll let you know when and where on the guest blog post, of course.

In other news, I’m going to be a real, live AWP presenter! AWP is short for Associated Writers and Writing Programs (where did the other W go, one wonders?), and I’ve been to their annual conference three years running. This year I proposed a panel of fabulous writers I know/know vaguely/want to know better and got accepted. This is big, as the acceptance rate is traditionally rather tiny.

I think I must have wowed them with my audacity to propose a panel on (gasp!) commercial fiction. Are they allowing me to hang myself with my own, commercial-grade rope? We shall see in March.

In the mean time I have to try to remember the lessons I learned from the last time I accepted a speaking engagement.

What I do know is that many good writers and many good ideas must have been turned down. I will count myself lucky and make the most of the opportunity.

By Published On: August 6, 2011Categories: AWP, Black Hour, Writing, Writing life