Tennis balls from heaven in no way make up for my day

I guess my morning count is going to stand for today. I’m really busy at work right now, and if I weren’t writing in the morning, I probably wouldn’t be getting anywhere at all.

Having a glass of wine after another long and busy day. Might read a little. Husband is making me dinner. Dog is at my feet with an ill-gotten tennis ball.

(That story is too incriminating. Of me. OK, there was a tennis ball by my car door today. Probably from one of the mah-HENNY camps suddenly on Major U’s campus. So. Many. Minivans. It was a different camp—different sport—by the time I saw the tennis ball, so I hell-yes took it for my dog.)

She liked it.

Life is good, in case I forget to say that.

By Published On: June 16, 2011Categories: Ursa, Writing, Writing life