My total word count for the day, writing for an hour this morning before I could be trusted to be coherent and for probably 45 minutes at lunch, is 940.

That is a total I can live with.

I was feeling a little down on myself for a bit just now because I couldn’t get it together to write some more when I got home, but let’s be honest. I have a full-time job—not an easy one, by the way—and I’m trying to do this. (This is in addition to the many boring things that everyone has to do, apparently, like remember to pay the utilities, unload the dishwasher, and plan their 20th high school reunion. What do you mean you don’t have to do that?) But sometimes, yeah, I’m going to need a few minutes not doing anything.

So instead, I had a popsicle (mango—thanks to my neighbors, Jason and Jen, whose house has become the retirement plan stop of the ice cream guy) and watched a little Life on the D-List and clicked about on Twitter and now I’m going to charge my computer for tomorrow morning, because I’m going to get up and do it AGAIN.

Although I would like to figure out if my alarm clock has a volume button. It has a dimmer for the display—AWE. SOME. Lights really bug me when I’m sleeping. Greg calls me the Princess and the Pea, and probably not very kindly—so surely you can also control a little thing like sound. But what do you expect from a $10 alarm?

Thanks to everyone who’s been cheering me on. This little experiment has been interesting. I’m finding that I’m a lot more motivated in all aspects of my life suddenly. Maybe at a vegetable today, not kidding.

By Published On: June 15, 2011Categories: Black Hour, Writing, Writing life