My not-writing life

This was supposed to be a writing blog, but guess what? I’m not writing.

This is a problem on a couple of fronts, but I have high hopes that after a few more hurdles I will be able to pick up my lunch-hour habit again.

One of those hurdles? I need to figure out what to say to a group of students from my high school and their parents. What could I possibly say to this group that won’t bore them to tears?

Send me an email if you have ideas for me. Seriously.

Haven’t been reading all that much either.

9. (Wow, at this pace, my year’s list is going to be dismal.) The Spellman Files– Lisa Lutz
I always wonder why I don’t read more humorous fiction, but maybe it’s because my idea of humor isn’t always in line with publishing’s idea of humor. I liked this book. It was a little madcap. The characters are weird and wild, but a little flat. There’s a mystery, but only very late in the game, after you’ve had the entire family history. I did end up enjoying this one. I’ve landed a copy of the next one in the series to give it a try.

I have my new nook e-reader up and running, by the way. I haven’t read on it much yet, since I had some paper books in the works I wanted to finish. I’ve been using it as a sudoku machine, enough that my husband mentioned that we could have gotten a puzzle book for me if that’s all I wanted it for. Never fear, I bought my first e-book last night and can’t wait to get started.

What was my first e-book, you wonder? Drumroll…

Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman, the first of her Tess Monaghan books. Squee!

Other books I have on my e-reader: Pride and Prejudice (mmmm), Tale of Two Cities, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which I checked out of the library. WITHOUT LEAVING MY COUCH!

Now I just need about a thousand more hours a week to get all the reading done I want to do.

But first. Maybe I should go write something? Like a speech?

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