The Girl

I got it together and sent my novel to another agent on Sunday. Trumpet blare! The book is now called…

The Girl from Sweetheart

I fought that “the girl” thing. SHE HAS NO DRAGON TATTOO, you hear me? NONE TATTOOS.

But that’s the title that kept speaking to me, so that’s where we landed.

Now it’s off having its own little life and I’m off to the races on my second book, hoping to get some new words down before The Girl from Sweetheart (see? awesome) comes back, dejected, from the agency and I have to figure out how to write a query letter. Second book, for which I also have a new title.

Can you people take two titles in one post? Is that too confusing? The two books are not related in any way, except that I’m the one who wrote them. OK, but keep them straight, allright? My second novel, still in progress, is…

The Black Hour.

That one gave you a cold chill, right? Good, it’s supposed to.

I’ll keep you posted on both. I’ve got some time off for the holidays that will be spent trying to get some black on white on The Black Hour, and I’ll keep you posted about The Girl from Sweetheart.

(Do you see how I’m still getting used to them? But I love them both and now they know it.)


Updated 6/23/16: The title of this “first” novel, finally to be published after ten years in the making/sitting in “the drawer” became The Day I Died.

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