Ugh, right. Nine days later, I return to the scene of the crime.

The problem, I’ve decided, is that the day isn’t made up of enough hours.

I’m getting work done away from the blog, don’t worry. Just not leaving enough time to come back and report on it.

So here’s a short report.

Work is busy but fine.

Writing life is busy and rather good.

Regular life is seriously busy and the usual ups and downs that make up everyone’s life.

For instance, on that last point: Attended a funeral this week for my cousin’s husband. He was much too young a man to leave us, and he leaves behind a much too young widow and two children. A very sad event all the way around.

So instead of complaining about any of the piddly things I could complain about, I will only say this: I’m happy to be here, happy to know who I know, and love who I love. Life can turn out to be much shorter than you planned. That’s what I want to remember.

By Published On: October 17, 2010Categories: Life