Not Kenny

That tomorrow I was looking for didn’t happen until Friday. Friday, being the last day of the work week, often is the tomorrow we’re looking for.

Now it’s Saturday. I had to work the last two Saturdays, so forgive me for being a little EEEEEE that I don’t have to work today.

Well, I worked on the book, at least. Still unnamed, but I do like the suggestion I got from my friend Carsten that I just call it “Kenny.” Kenny, however, is a name that has many connotations for me from my life on this Kenny-full planet. I won’t be calling anything Kenny willingly. (Sorry, Kenny, if you think this is about you. It might be.)

Wrote at the Eli’s Cheesecake Factory with Mary Anne. I had a Groupon for Eli’s, so was happy to spend that and get some yums in return. Their food is really good. Not just the cheesecake (with is super good), but the sandwiches. Highly recommend. Also highly recommend bringing earphones if you’re going to write there. It’s fine until the tour gathers and someone starts going to the long and celebrated Eli History. A storied history that takes a lot of slides to get through.

Did about 1500 words today, bypassing the 30K mark.

And now I’m trying to figure out what to do with my evening. Write more? Read? (I’m only about 120 pages into Tana French’s The Likeness.) Go to the store to buy Greg a new PlayStation3, since his went unhappy last night? (Not an emergency, of course, but keeping him in PS3 is how I carve out time for all the solo writing/reading I do.)

Two big block parties going on either side of us today. Have I ever mentioned how happy I am that my block is more of a half-block of people who don’t care to park their asses in lawn chairs in the street? So happy.

I could use a go in the bouncy castle, though.

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