Winning some and losing some

I got asked to teach a class at my alma mater today. And had to say no.

It’s a timing thing. I have a full-time job, and I just can’t swing an afternoon class downtown when I work 8:30 (or thereabouts) to 5 on the North Shore. (I’m using that term ironically, as I think it is a weird term.) Just can’t do it.

But it hurts me to turn it down. This is the second time I’ve been asked, and the second time I’ve had to say no. I hope the program director keeps asking, but every time he does I flip out a little. Didn’t I go back to school in order to teach? And now when I get asked to teach, I have to say no.

I have to level with you, even if you are reading this from your desk down the hall from where I also work: This kind of thing makes me think long and hard about my priorities.

Of course my first priority is to my family, and that’s where I have to land today, too. It’s a better thing for my family to have a full-time job with benefits instead of trying to piece together a salary’s worth of adjunct teaching, etc.

So you win, full-time job. For now. Of course, keep in mind, full-time job, that I am kicking your ass on a daily basis. So really? I’m winning.

No teaching is the losing part of today’s sermon from the mount. The winning part is that I also placed a short story today. Hurrah! More details when it’s published, because yet again it is an online magazine. Hurrah again—free short stories for everyone!

By Published On: June 29, 2010Categories: Life, Writing