Hot dog

Long day. Should be writing, but it’s hard to clear my head on or after a busy day at work.

Ursa and I are in the only air-conditioned room in our house. She was just terribly hot, and she was breaking my heart. So we’re hanging in the bedroom, keeping it chill. I wish we had central air, because the window units in/window units out part of our annual homeowning cycle is quite tedious. Also, we never get around to it until one of us (me, yes) cries and says I’m dying.

Or we have house guests. Looks like we’d better get on that main AC unit this week, or there will be more than one person crying and dying in our house this weekend.

Also, Ursa is hot. She can’t help it. She’s a black dog. You try wearing a black fur coat during a Chicago summer. She’s taken to hiding out in our bedroom. Even without the AC on, our bedroom is often cooler.

My dog is SMRT.

By Published On: June 22, 2010Categories: Life, Ursa