The Girl Who Ate Pizza for Dinner

Rained like crazy today, but Major U’s graduation seems to be going off just fine. Perhaps people are soggy in their robes. Can’t tell from the webcast. Which I watched for a respectable five minutes. Respectable because I cared enough to check. But I didn’t go there, and I don’t know many of the students either. I have to work tomorrow to help put actual diplomas into the hands of our particular students. Yes, Saturday. But then I will have made it through a full academic year at Major U, and that is worth raising some champagne over.

Congrats, grads. May the economic climate not temper your enthusiasm for that diploma.

Went to see Lookingglass Alice last night, and can highly recommend. It’s family friendly, by the way, and really fun to watch. Lookingglass likes to dangle people from the ceiling. I didn’t know that.

Triumph of the day (besides not actually being outside while it was blowing 80 mile per hour winds) was the editing I did on chapter one. Yes, chapter ONE. I’ve finished with all the spot revising I wanted to do from the list I made. And now it’s back to page one to start again with a full read-through. I don’t know how other people do this. I’m willing to take suggestions. I’m willing to read books. In all the workshops I’ve taken, I don’t remember ever talking brass tacks like this. How do you revise a novel? Pipe up in the comments if you want.

Tonight is
-Beer (check!)
-Early bedtime because of that work thing tomorrow

My life is a page-turner, isn’t it? How did Steig Larsson not write a character based on me?

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