Greg comes home today!

He’ll be precisely 24 hours late and so so grumpy, but at least India finally gave him back.

It’s been 10 days. We’ve not been apart that long since before we were married, nine years ago. So if you’ve heard me whining about him being gone, I’ll stop now that he’s back (in just over four hours), but I won’t apologize for missing him.

I’ve spent 10 days working a lot, rushing from place to place to try to keep everything together on my own, and restraining myself from saying “Greg” or “Daddy” (yeah, I never thought I’d be the one to do that) in front of the dog, lest she go tearing through the house looking for him.

I also spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning the house. All in all, I only checked a couple of things off the list that runs continuously in my head of Ways I Could Do Better. But I cleaned our bedroom as though it were about to be in a home magazine, so I call that a triumph. No more getting into bed and immediately noticing how dusty the ceiling fan is.

Victory in our time.

Should I have been writing? Yes, I should have. But mysteriously, no one else ever comes to clean my house.

Tomorrow is the work day to end all work days. At last! (I’m the sort of person who likes to just get whatever I’m dreading OVER WITH, including 18 hour work days.) On the other side of that, things are looking quite smooth and deal-withable.

By Published On: May 23, 2010Categories: Life, Writing