If there was something I knew about, it was pilfering.

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lori-rader-day-about-sm Lori Rader-Day is the author of the Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning Little Pretty Things and the Anthony Award-winning The Black Hour.


Little Pretty Things

lori-rader-day-author-little-pretty-thingsMotel cleaner Juliet Townsend always came in second to her best friend and rival, but when Maddy is killed, she’s the first person the police want to meet.


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Little Pretty Things won the Mary Higgins Clark Award!


Almost anyone would have swiped the ring.

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Baby gets a new name…

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My third novel is getting a new title. Before I announce that officially, a little story about that book and its title. A saga, actually. My third novel is actually my *first* novel, which was actually in its infancy a short story. In 2007, I started a…

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