Writing time!

As in: I need to block out some Writing Time!The problem with having so much unstructured time right now is that I end up using all my time on things [...]

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Reading (when I should be writing)

Some of this is cross-posted at my other (secret) (that I already told you about) blog.Every year I have a reading goal (could I be a bigger nerd?) and keep [...]

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Reading round up

I should really be packing for vacation or at least thinking about packing, but I am not. I'm thinking about a story I read this morning about censorship of a [...]

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Submitting for beginners

I figured out how to make my links live. Yeah, I'm just blazing a trail in this blog business.I'm writing a lot now, by the way, because I can and [...]

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Bored yet?

OK, one more thing this morning before I get down to business. (Business today: playing with dog, reading story for Kelly H., readying for vacation to Wisconsin, picking up diploma(!), [...]

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One Writer’s Beginnings

I stole that title from Eudora Welty. I like the book, but I have stolen the title not because it's one of my all-time favorites but because if I'm going [...]

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The hesitant first post

Hi. I'm not the first to type this message, this hesitant, should-I-really-be-spending-my-time-this-way first message on a new blog. I'm certainly not the first person to start with a photo of [...]

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