Almost entirely news free

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Hi. Sorry. I really didn’t mean to drop off the planet. I wish I could blame the giant stack of new pages I’ve accumulated on my novel, but that is sadly not the case at all. I’ve been taking care of some business (some literal, some frivolous,…

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Interview prep

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I have built a portfolio from scratch, as I cannot find the portfolio (full of work I might have liked to show today) that is somewhere in my house. I have gone to Walgreen’s for hosiery, come home, found them to be navy instead of black, and…

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Odds and ends

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This makes me pretty sad. This bookstore is right across the street from Roosevelt University. I have to admit I didn’t buy much there (part of the problem! not the solution!) but then I didn’t buy any architecture books anywhere else, either. At least not recently. I’m…

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I’m back home and not a moment too soon. Too long away from my own stuff, and I can get a little punchy. Had a surprisingly fruitful trip back to (I’m going to name names in this post) Muncie, Indiana. See previous post about re: going home…

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Happy literature

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All happy novels resemble one another, each unhappy novel is unhappy in its own way. I don’t know. I was just trying something. Talked to friend/writer/fellow dog owner Mary Anne today about books that leave you happy at the end. Not just satisfied, which is a requirement….

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Poem I (gasp!) enjoyed

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Read this poem on Janet Reid‘s agenting blog this morning and really really love it. Air and light and time and space By Charles Bukowski “-you know, I’ve either had a family, a job, somethinghas always been in thewaybut nowI’ve sold my house, I’ve found thisplace, a…

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