Reading round up

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I should really be packing for vacation or at least thinking about packing, but I am not. I’m thinking about a story I read this morning about censorship of a high school short story class curriculum. First of all, how lucky are those bitches to be able…

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Submitting for beginners

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I figured out how to make my links live. Yeah, I’m just blazing a trail in this blog business. I’m writing a lot now, by the way, because I can and because I’m tired of all the sites I like to read not updating ever. So for…

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Bored yet?

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OK, one more thing this morning before I get down to business. (Business today: playing with dog, reading story for Kelly H., readying for vacation to Wisconsin, picking up diploma(!), having wine with Kelly H. to talk about her story, and maybe, just maybe, putting some words…

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One Writer’s Beginnings

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I stole that title from Eudora Welty. I like the book, but I have stolen the title not because it’s one of my all-time favorites but because if I’m going to talk about my beginnings, I want to be clear. I’m just one person. I’m just one…

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The hesitant first post

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Hi. I’m not the first to type this message, this hesitant, should-I-really-be-spending-my-time-this-way first message on a new blog. I’m certainly not the first person to start with a photo of my dog, right? So what? I’ll try to be creative later. For now, I’m going to do…

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