Death at Greenway is a Lefty Award nominee!

A very good morning for me and for some very talented mystery authors! The Left Coast Crime Lefty Award nominations went out this morning—and Death at Greenway is a nominee for the Best Historical Novel! Isn’t that lovely? It’s also lovely to see so many friends’ names on this list. It’s actually quite a good list of books for you, if you deserve LIKE I DO a present.

The full list is here.

Treat yo’self, as Donna from Parks and Rec would say. And if you’re interested in a good time come April and have all your vaccinations, you should think about attending the con itself. It’s such a fun time and just the right size for getting to meet lots of new people but also see and spend time with friends… and plenty of books, as far as the eye can see. That’s my idea of heaven.

Thank you to all the nominating voters. I’m so pleased to see Death at Greenway recognized alongside so many great books and people.

By Published On: January 17, 2022Categories: Awards, Death at Greenway