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By April 22, 2010Publishing, Short stories, Writing

Many of my friends have emailed me to say they’ve bought the Good Housekeeping with my story in it. Before I say another word, let me say thank you to those who went out of their way to get a copy. It’s flattering and sweet, and I’m especially cuted out by the guys I know who went and bought their own copy. My friend Chris, current RU MFAer Bernie, my former professor Larry—I get a real kick out of the image of these guys sauntering up to the CVS counter with a GH in their hands.

I got a little bit of guff from a coworker (HI TRISH) about wanting people to buy the magazine. “Do you get a cut?” she wanted to know.

Of course I don’t. I already got my cut, and it was a generous prize. But who wouldn’t want the people she knows to want to read the winning story? That prize and publication is a big deal to me. And it’s the first time that something I wrote (printed on paper) was so easily available. And cheap. I’d like to think that most people I’m friends with (that’s mostly who I told, although I did announce it on Facebook and some of those people are “friends” not friends) wouldn’t mind shelling out $3.49 for something I wrote. Especially something that Jodi Picoult says is good. No, wait. She says it’s “masterful.”

(Swoon. JODI, CALL ME.)

$3.49. More than a copy of Us Weekly, sure, but with ME in it, not Suri Cruise.

Wait. Suri Cruise is cute. Never mind I said that.

So, yeah. I do want people to want to buy the magazine. I hope someday to have a book that I’ll want people to want, too. I hope the short story (and my glamour shot) is worth $3.49, and I hope the someday-book is worth whatever the cover cost is. I’ll do my best to make sure it is.

Other news I want to put out there…
-Two days ago on my way to work I saw a coyote walking across a field near campus, just as coyote as you please in the middle of a major metropolitan area. I slowed down to look and some jackstar roared past me. Hello? Do you see coyotes all the time? ‘Cause I don’t. Not in Major U Ville, anyway.

-I bought a book about pirates. I don’t know why. I have no plans to use this information.

-I got a story idea from something my husband’s best friend told us while he was in town last week. This is the danger of hanging out with a writer. Your stories become my stories. If you have plans to become a novelist, you should start every conversation with me with, “You can’t use this, but—”

-I learned that Jodi Picoult is pronounced PEE-koo. It’s FRONCH.

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  • Carsten says:

    I believe the family of David Sedaris regularly says, "Now you can't ever use this in one of your stories" or something to that affect. Personally, I would find it flattering to be the catalyst for something that would ultimately lead a friend to have a good story. I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I find my life to be full of fairly interesting things.

  • Carsten says:

    I bought one, but someone it didn't seem that humorous. Maybe because it was along with nighttime diapers and baby food. Plus, my Lori was with me, so the checker probably figured it was for her.

  • Lori says:

    Maybe someday I'll write a story about a dude who shoots rubber bands into his co-worker's office.

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