I should probably say that my story, “Layers of Love,” is in the current issue of Good Housekeeping. My lil story went out and won a big prize. Look at it go.

I’m posting this again, because in the last post I hedged a bit on the title, giving you the whole “originally titled” thing. “Layers” is not the title it went out into the world with, and when I first heard that the title had been changed—after it was too late to say, “Um, I hate that title.”—I died a little inside. (Layers of…love? What?)

But I’m getting over it. It helps to have a prize check in my writing account, to have a shiny set of pages with my name on them, and a little box of quotey-quotes from a mega-selling author about how she likes my work staring up from them. That all helps very much, indeed.

And if Jodi Picoult would like to be my fairy godmother…I’m almost ready to ask the universe to send me a capable agent who’s in love with my book.

So, yeah. “Layers of Love.” That’s my baby.

By Published On: April 18, 2010Categories: Awards, Publishing, Short stories, Writing