Reading material that is giving me second thoughts

8. Columbine– Dave Cullen
Really well-researched and just as fraught as you might imagine. I learned a lot I didn’t know.

9. Cruise Confidential– Brian David Bruns
I guess I needed something different from Columbine. Going on a cruise in a little while, my first, and I thought this book might be interesting. Instead, it was just pretty awful. I got through it by thinking that, surely, eventually, something interesting would happen. But no. The author has a lot of vignettes to share from his adventures, most of which feature him as the never-faltering hero. Boring. He also describes EVERYONE he meets in terms of physical attributes that do not matter. He meets a lot of people and who cares what color their hair is? NO ONE. I skimmed a great deal, but I’m still counting it as read.

The only cruising info I came by is that Carnival treats its employees badly, ship workers drink a lot, ship restaurant waiters get paid crap and rely on tips even more than landlubbing waiters, and, probably, at some point, the ship workers on the boat I’ll be on will think I’m nothing but a fat, spoiled American.


Read Columbine. Skip the other one; let us never speak of it again.

By Published On: February 15, 2010Categories: Reading