Good news: Got good feedback (and encouragement) from Mary Anne, who is the second person to finish reading my book. You know, other than me.

Bad news: Headache all day. Woke up with it and cannot find anything pleasant to say or think about that. That is life kicking you in the teeth.

Am bored and wish that I could find something really great to read. Tried a book that Mary Anne lent me, but I couldn’t seem to find a way in after 50 pages. And then I remembered what Mary Anne had said when she loaned it to me, that it was a little Mary Sue and that was it, exactly. After 50 pages, I knew that nothing of any interest would happen to the protagonist. She had already skipped over the challenging parts of her life, and it was going to be nothing but sunbeams from here on out.


Or maybe I’m just really cranky. See headache, above.

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  • It's a pretty fluffy book. I like the wish fulfillment aspects, when I'm in the right mood for it. To be fair, though, there is some character challenge and development later on, although it's definitely heavy-handed and you're going to see it coming a mile away.If you want actually good, you should have bought the Georgette Heyer. 🙂 I can loan you _Sylvester_ the next time you're over; read and enjoyed quite a bit!

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