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Hey. Spent the greater portion of the weekend running errands and doing things around the house that have been left to languish over the holidays. Lots and lots of total crap things to do. I’m tired now, and have really no reason to be.

Did some cooking today. Roasted a whole chicken for the first time. Pretty powerful stuff.

I read a little, and I think I have some catching up to do there. Forgive me for the lame entry. I’ll try to get back here a couple of times this week as an apology.

2. Talking About Crime Fiction– P.D. James
I thought this book was supposed to be instructional, but no. It’s really mostly just talking. As the title suggests. Interesting, and now I have about 300 new books to read for all the mysteries she talks about that sound good. (P.D. is a lady. Who knew? I hope the P. stands for Patsy.) Literary criticism this far out from the MFA hurt just a little.

3. Stitches: A Memoir– David Smalls
If you ever need to finish off a certain number of books in a short time, consider your graphic novels. I read this yesterday. In about twenty minutes. It’s really gorgeously done, and a sad story. I saw it listed in one of those “best of the year” or “best of the decade” lists we all just survived. I don’t know if I’d say it was a best book of the year, but I’m sure it was one of the best graphic novels I’ve read. Which isn’t a long list, of course.

4. Whose Body?– Dorothy L. Sayers
This is one of the authors I decided I needed to read after I read the James book above. Now I think I’m OK if I don’t read any more. Not that it’s a bad book. It’s just a style that I don’t necessarily enjoy or want to emulate. This is my second Lord Peter Wimsey book. They’re funny. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I’ll read more.

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